Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bake With Yen has arrived in Ipoh!

To all baking junkie in Ipoh..! Bake With Yen has finally arrived!!!!!! Yeay...!

I don't know why but I felt giddy inside when hubs called me and said,

Sayang, orang jumpa satu kedai jual barang bakeri besar dekat sini!
(Honey, I found a big shop selling bakeware and stuff here!)

During lunch break he brought me there and wheeee... a new shop indeed! I was a bit surprised because the location was a bit, how do I say it, not that strategic? But hey, once you know what's in the area, you'll be surprised too.

I managed to snap few pictures while hubs trying to find a parking space. Here is!

The said shop!

That was the first time ever since I set my feet inside a Bake With Yen shop and to be honest, while I do feel the price was a tad cheaper than other popular hypermarket, the 'Halal' status of the products remains in grey area. Because there is no Halal logo on the packaging at all, making me wonder is it okay to purchase things like ovallete or even chocolates (you never know especially when you read the vague line in the ingredient list - Mengandungi kondisener makanan yang diluluskan).

Hubs was trying to find Halal logo on Peanut Butter, but to no avail

In the end, I ended up buying cupcake liners, weighing scale and aluminium cups for making lava cakes (I'd been eyeing the recipe for ages. Will update when I tried it). And also a packet of raisin and baking powder.

In short, if you are having doubts about the ingredients (like me), buy things that you won't have doubts about here. Like cake moulds, whisker, utensils, etc. Otherwise... just don't. Ha!

The isle...

Cik Atun: Do visit the shop and see by yourself. Here's the direction!

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